WB Technical Championships

WB Technical Championship 2018


Master's 1st Place:  Colleen McInnes and Rob Davis

Amateur Winners: Brooklyn Higgs and Yuki Matoba

Pro Winners: Cameryn Higgs and Joel Pahleteg

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WB Technical Championship 2017

Congrats to all that attended!  

Thanks to our sponsors!  WB, CSIA, Rossi, Head, Skull Candy, Airhouse


Master's 1st Place: John Doyle and Jo Guthrie

1st Amateur : Rory Sowoolu Cowie and Kailen Pavelka

1st Pro Man/Woman: Marian Treger and Cameryn Higgs

WB Technical Championship 2016

Here are the results!

Master's 1st Place: John Doyle

1st Amateur Men/Woman:  George Saunders/ Taylor Green

1st Pro Man/Woman: JS Forget/ MC Baron

Telemark: Yas Kawasaki!

More pictures here in the Gallery