Training Sessions and Internal Designations

Morning Sessions


Morning session is one of the greatest privileges for instructors. It is a great way to start your day and improve your skills. In order to make sure that we keep this privilege, please stay with your session leader and be on time. Sessions start at 7:45 at each base. The Newsletter and RTP will let you know when AM sessions are running. Please sign up for AM sessions in RTP.

  • Blackcomb Gondola at Blackcomb Base
  • Village Gondola on Whistler
  • Creekside Gondola

If you are late you will not be allowed to load. You must ski/ride with a session leader during session times.

Blackcomb Only:

  • On any days that have 15 cm or more of overnight snow (as per the 7:30 snow phone 932 4211), session will wait and load with public. The rule does not exist on Whistler because Fresh Tracks allows for earlier clearance by Patrol.
  • You must be in uniform

Whistler Only:

  • Session must only load when Fresh Tracks participants have loaded.

In order to be safe in sessions please adhere to the following:

  • Warm up before you slide. For pre-ride exercises, consult the SKIRAD app.
  • First run is at 60% of your speed and challenge level.
  • Give each other space - do not pass another skier in the group, give space ahead of you.
  • Do not pass the session leader unless instructed to do otherwise.

Full Day Sessions

Last Day

Sessions start at different times and on different mountains. Please check RTP for the most accurate information and contact if you see any inconsistencies.

Training calendars are posted online at, and in RTP.

You must sign up in RTP to participate in a full day session. These hours will be tracked and potentially earn you a higher wage!

Wearing your uniform on session is discouraged, but allowed if you are called off work and join up with a session. (Please do not wear uniforms for Steeps or Park sessions.) Note that your uniform (including your pants!) are not to be worn on days off.

Here are some examples of our full day sessions. If you have an idea for a session please contact

  • CSIA/CASI Prep (all levels)
  • Park & Pipe / Freestyle
  • Race Training
  • Steeps / Freeride
  • Women’s Only
  • Bumps
  • Guest Trainers
  • Trainer Development
  • Assessment & Development
  • Video analysis
  • Terrain Exploration

We offer a few types of Park Sessions.

Park Fundamentals (SB) and Park Skills & Safety (Ski)

The SB park fundamentals is open to all to learn the primary skills of riding park. The Park Skills & Safety also teaches park basics and how to safely lead a class through the park. Once "signed off" by the trainer of either of these sessions, staff will be paid for the session and allowed to take classes in the park. A supervisor must sign you up for the skiing Park Skills session.

All other park sessions are for Intermediate to Advanced skiers and riders. Sign yourself up in RTP. No uniforms please on Park Sessions, but helmets are mandatory.

Indoor Sessions

Periodically the school will advertise opportunities for learning off the hill. Stay tuned to the training bulletin boards in the locker rooms, as well as the SSS Newsletters (also posted on the website Again please sign up in RTP to attend a session.

Examples of past indoor sessions (we are always open to suggestions for future sessions):

  • Dryland
  • Yoga
  • Myofascial Stretching
  • Tuning clinics
  • A & D clinics (video analysis)
  • Communicating with Children / Communicating with Parents
  • Tips for teaching learning disabled students
  • Introductory Spanish lessons to help with Spanish speaking clientele (there are many, especially at Easter)
  • Carve your path (ideas for a snow industry career from guest speakers with a variety of backgrounds)

Internal Designations

Steeps 1

Steeps 1 is an training course that will allow instructors to teach higher level students in specific double black terrain as per the snow school run list progression.

For more details please refer to the Teaching Steeps Level 1 Course Guide

Please read the course guide before attending one of the training sessions. Please talk to your supervisor if you are interested in this clinic, only they can sign you up for it.

Steeps 2

A progression from Steeps 1. Teaching Steeps Level 2 Course Guide

Park Safety

All staff that are going into a Terrain park while in uniform (with or without a class) needs to be signed off by a Park Safety Trainer in a Park Safety Session.

Accessing a terrain park should always be with a group who intends to use the park features - we do NOT allow strictly riding through the park for fresh snow. Pre-Riding to look at features is of course permitted and encouraged.

Upon being signed off, each member will have this 'internal certification' attached to their profile and needs to obtain their Orange Park Sticker from their supervisor/manager or the training department.

A staff member must know and be able to demonstrate the following:

  • The ability to safely lead a group through the park
  • Proper take off, landing and rest areas
  • the skills of popping, buttering, 180s, and skiing switch

Attending our Park Sessions on Mondays will help you prepare for your park safety.

You can also check out these videos: