Pre-Season Training

Preseason Training

All new and return staff upon starting or returning work will be required to complete one or more days of paid training.  All sessions are described below.


If you are new to Whistler Blackcomb  you will need to complete the following training sessions in order to start work. 

New Employee Orientation (NEO):  This is a online training module to welcome you to Vail Resorts and familiarize you with the company.  We will send you a link to complete this training in early December.

Welcome 2 Winter (W2W) Presented by Employee Experience; this approximately 2 hour indoor session will cover our company as a whole including company policies and our core values.  Sign up here EpicEmployee

Snow School Orientation for new staff (SSON): This is a 6 hour indoor training session to learn how the Whistler Blackcomb Snow School Works. The "nuts and bolts" of safety, guest service, snow school policies, procedures and structure. Sign up here You will need to create a new login using the email address that we have on file for you. 

On Snow Training (OST):  Full day 7 hour on hill session for new staff to learn about the daily operations, policies, and expectations specific to their home pod. This session meets at 8am at your home pod location which is noted when you make your selections and in your confirmation email. Please wear your uniform and be ready to ski or ride.

Shadow Day ( For Kids and all adult pods except Privates): Your first day with guests will be shadowing one of our experienced instructors working in your pod.  This is the best way to see a ‘day in the life,’ real operational training, and ask any questions from a veteran in their pod. A full day, on hill session that will be scheduled right before you are to start work. To book this session you will do so with a scheduler after you have completed your On Snow Training. Your day will start at your home pod location. Please be in uniform ready to ski or ride. 


Welcome To Winter (W2W): Presented by the Whistler Blackcomb Senior Leaders, this mandatory 2 hour indoor session is geared at giving the latest company info, new company policies and Safety. Sign up here EpicEmployee

Snow School Orientation (SS0) 2hr indoor. This session is focused on whats new this year at  Snow School in relation to  Safety, Guest Service, Snow School policies and structure. Sign up for this will be through RPOS.

Pod Specific Training (PST)  This on hill session with your supervisor will review any changes to your area, safety procedures, teaching expectations and any pertinent information for your operations. Sign up for this will be through your supervisor on RPOS.

**Be aware that for your development your supervisor or senior staff member may join you and your class while in session. This is an opportunity for you to receive some feedback on your teaching, ask questions on how to deal with certain situations, and learn new approaches from someone that has a ton of experience. This person is here to help, so take advantage of it!