Level 4 CSIA - Skiing

Welcome to training for your Level 4 Skiing Certification. 

It is an often long and difficult journey - one that you will never forget, and never regret completing.

We will add resources here to help you reach your goal.  Good luck!

*Please note that the information on this page is NOT directly from the CSIA, but our own interpretation and understanding. *

All official course guides and exam criteria can be found at https://www.snowpro.com/en/education/certifications#level-4


The level 4 teaching exam is a 1.5 hour onsnow examination where you will be asked to teach 4-6 peers in an advanced skiing situation.  There is no set theme.  You can use whatever terrain, turn shape or speed you like, it just needs to serve to improve the people in front of you on that day in an expert situation.

Level 4 Teaching Structure - a couple of versions of an indoor presentation that talked to the 4 parts of a typical level 4 Exam lesson; what each part means and how you may choose to deliver it.  

2020 Teaching Structure presentation

2018/19 Teaching Structure presentation

Level 4 Trainer Development

A big part of becoming a level 4 instructor is the ability to effectively train others.  Therefore, part of the process is passing an approx. 45 min on snow Trainer Development exam (also called Instructor Training or Pedagogy).

Here is the latest version of the Trainer Development Indoor presentation we hosted this season (2020). 


To pass the skiing portion of the Level 4 Instructor Certification, you will be tested on 9 skiing runs:

Intermediate parallel, Intermediate Parallel in a corridor,

Expert Short Turns, Expert Long Turns and Expert long turns in a corridor,

GS Race (timed)

Manouevers (hockey stops, braquage)

Expert bump skiing and an expert free run which is long turns in bumpy/off piste terrain.

We did a mock ski off (March 2020) and here are the links to the videos.

Expert Parallel: https://youtu.be/rnOxrHCvwxA

 Expert Short Turns: https://youtu.be/6KPYZ2oN9FQ

 Intermediate Parallel: https://youtu.be/uAJF_suhKKQ

 Hockey Stops: https://youtu.be/7ksfuU1hxR8

 Expert Bumps: https://youtu.be/QlXamAEyNU4

Braquage: https://youtu.be/sAdocsk4m-0

Here is also a copy of the marking sheet so that you can watch the skiers and see what runs met the standard (mark of 6 or higher).

To help you train towards the Level 4, we offer the following on snow and indoor sessions:

Onsnow:  Bumps/Advanced Terrain, Advanced Skiing, Advanced Teaching, Race Training, Skills Training, Steeps

Indoor: Assessment & Development, Yoga/Myofascial Stretch, Indoor teaching sessions