Part time Calendars

Part Time Holiday Calendars

If you are working as Part Time Holiday instructor, please click the link below to select and submit your days.

(This year, this includes all part time snowboarders, and skiers working over holiday periods and/or some Saturdays).

While we still require a commitment of 17 days over the season to maintain part time status, at this point in time we are only looking for you to sign up for a minimum of 13 days.  

Depending on business levels, more calendars will be sent as our season progresses.

If you are called off, the date will still count towards your total commitment.  These days are first come, first served.

Part Time Holiday Calendar Link:

Please note that in order to pick your calendar, you will have to be logged into the wbsnowschool site.

If you are not already logged in, your username is : instructor and password is: wb2021