General Scheduling Information

A master schedule is prepared prior to the season according to the pod you are working in and your days off.  Please be aware that your schedule and where you work may change daily and it is your responsibility to check your schedule to avoid missing a shift or showing up in the wrong location. 

The 1, 2, 3 Rule

  1. If your schedule changes within 1 day (within 24 hours) or on the morning of; the schedulers will call you.
  2. If your schedule changes within 2 days (within 48 hours) of a lesson, the schedulers will email you.

     If there is no answer or no voicemail; the schedulers will text or email noting the change.

     *Please respond to the scheduler to confirm you have received the change in schedule.

 3. If your schedule changes within 3 days of a lesson, the schedulers will NOT call or email. It’s up to the instructor to be aware of their schedule.

To check your schedule:

We use a system called RPOS to check schedules, sign up for training, or check any messages.  

Click here or use the web address: https:// on your phone or personal computer.  

Your pass number is listed on your ski pass and the password  for the ski season 2020/21 is $noW2021

Expectations for Amount of Work:

The ski industry is one that fluctuates with weather, time of year and the world economy and Pandemics!  We will always do our best to give you your requested days off and to find you as much work as possible (and make it even amongst all staff.)  In busy times you will be asked to work extra days, and in slow times you will be asked to take more time off.  We do not guarantee a certain amount of work during a season, but we will try to stick to the following guidelines:

Full Time staff member:  scheduled 5 days per week (there could be days extra days over holidays).

Part Time Regular: an average of 17 days spread out during the season (e.g. every Saturday) or working a club program (Club Linc, Kids Club programs)

Part Time Holiday:  minimum 13 days during high volume parts of the season.

All part time staff must fill out a part time calendar by December 1st.  Days are on a first come first served basis.

Passes for part time staff will be activated after the part time calendar has been accepted.

Additional Days Off

We do hope that you will take some days this season to take a course, a trip, or see your family!  Any time off requests must be done at least 2 weeks in advance and be approved by your supervisor and scheduler.  Please try to plan ahead by looking into our quieter times, and be aware that it will be on a first come, first served basis.  

Your Scheduling Team

For all Private or Corporate Lessons: 

604 905-2235       

For all Adult Group and Specialty Programs (i.e. ExCan, Women's programs)

604  905-2264       

For all Kids and Teen programs including Club and Schools:

604 905-2206