Staff Injuries

WCB Claim: Injured While Working

STEP 1: Seek Medical Attention by Ski Patrol or go the first aid room located in the administration building on Blackcomb. They will assess the nature of the injury and advise you if you need to seek further treatment.

STEP 2: Inform your Supervisor of all incident details. Your supervisor must fill out the WCB EMPLOYER REPORT OF INJURY (Form 7). The sooner you get in touch with your supervisor & the more accurate the information you provide, the sooner your claim could be processed. In order to start a WCB Claim, regardless of whether the injury will cause you to miss work or not, you must see a Doctor. Go to the Whistler Medical Clinic or walk-in clinic. Let the doctor know it is a workplace injury. Fill in the EMPLOYEE REPORT OF INJURY (Form 6). It will be forwarded to WCB.

STEP 3: Call your scheduler. They will want to know that you have a doctor’s note and that your supervisor has completed a Form 7. The doctor’s note must be provided to the schedulers. If it permits, modified duties will be offered to you. This is part of our Return To Work Program.

STEP 4: If you are offered modified duties, the offer must be accepted or declined in writing. Refusal may affect your claim. Regular visits to the doctor will be required to keep your claim open; when the doctor clears you to return to work you must inform the schedulers promptly.

STEP 5: The Employee Claims Coordinator (604.938.7371) is the administrator of your claim, submitting all forms to WorkSafeBC. While you are on a WCB claim you must:

  • Keep in touch with your supervisor and scheduler, communicating your progress and any new information regarding your injury or claim. Failure to do so jeopardizes your claim.
  • See a doctor every 2 weeks to keep your claim open.
  • Modified duties will be assigned once clearance from your doctor is reported. You must request a doctor’s note (otherwise you will be sent back to your doctor for one).
  • Keep in touch with your WCB Claims Adjuster regularly ensuring that the WCB is aware of your progress.
  • Make sure you keep all original receipts for expenses incurred due to your work related injury. You can get a form for reimbursement from the Employee Claims Coordinator and submit to the WCB.
  • If you are off work on a WCB claim, you are not permitted to use your Staff Pass for skiing or riding. Pass usage is monitored while you are on a WCB claim.
  • If participating in the Return To Work program, the schedulers keep your hours for pay purposes, so you must sign in and out with them.

Whistler/Blackcomb’s RETURN TO WORK program is designed to promote gradual return to work following injury, and to minimize the physical, financial and social impact encountered by injured workers. If you have been injured and received clearance from your doctor to return to work in a modified capacity, your Supervisor and the Employee Claims Coordinator will ensure that you are offered a suitable position. Please ask your doctor to specifically state your work restrictions. It is advised that you contact your Supervisor or the Employee Claims Coordinator immediately following your doctor’s appointment. Failure to do so may jeopardize further compensation from the WCB.

Injured While on a Session

Any unpaid or non-mandatory session will not be considered a workplace injury, and thus not covered by WCB.

It is called a Sessions Claim.

An automatic insurance deduction of 29.08 will come off your 1st paycheck. This will cover you if you are injured in this type of session including accidental dental (accidental dental increased the price of the insurance by $1.08 this season).

Employees that have qualified for Short Term / Long Term disability insurance through Intrawest benefits do not have this deduction; regular benefits provide coverage.

STEP 1: Seek Medical attention by Ski Patrol.

STEP 2: Inform your Supervisor of all incident details. Your Supervisor will give you the appropriate insurance documents in order to start a claim.

STEP 3: Go to a clinic to see a doctor to get the proper care and forms filled out. Make sure the doctor knows that this is not a WCB claim.

STEP 4: Inform your supervisor and scheduler about any days of work you may miss.

STEP 5: Stay in touch with the insurance company (ACE INA Insurance). You are responsible for managing this claim. Questions can be directed to Emma Bayliffe at 604 938 7176.

NOTE: If you are covered under the WB Long and Short Term Disability you do not have to pay for session insurance. You will be covered by your benefits.

Injured on your Own Time

You must report to your supervisor if you have been injured on your own time while not at work.  A note from a physiotherapist or doctor may be required in order to return to work.  If there is a cost to you to obtain this note, WB will not cover this cost.