Lift Loading, SS Trail Maps with Progression

Lift Loading Videos for Kids:

Lift Loading –

Lift Safety -

Snow School Lift Loading COVID-19. Dec. 4 2020 –  Updated Jan 8th 2021 

Key Notes 

  • Key Notes in PDF Pictures
  • Refer to the Snow School Safety Manual for all specifics related to age and ability
  • Children under 7 are to ride lifts with their instructor, a parent, or another employee.
  • Star Riders are snow school staff who will be lapping on chairlifts in learning zones to help 5 and 6-year-old children up the lifts in group lessons 
  •  If in doubt, default to the safest outcome; assist and ride the lift with a guest who has never ridden a chair before, or a child who cannot safely put the bar down on their own 
  • *If there is a child that missed a load with their group, and there is no other employee to assist, then we will load the child with a willing responsible adult to maintain the child's safety on the chair. * 


Ages 3 and 4  

3&4 Year old pictures 

  • Lessons for 3 and 4-year-oldare 1 on 1 and should ride chair lifts as such  
  • We are not offering 3 and 4-year-old snowboard lessons this season 
  • Family Private that has 3 and 4-year old's in the lesson must have a parent or guardian present for each child to assist in the child needs, including lunch, lift loading, and washroom breaks 

Ages 5 and 6    

5&6 Year-Old Pictures 

Class Ratios:   Whistler Kids 4:1         Private Ski 2:1          Private Snowboard 1:1 

  • Instructors can take 2 children with them, one on either side
  • Star Riders can take 2 children with them, one on either side
  • A WB Employee (not snow school) can take 1 child (Ex: Patrol or Lift operator) 
  •  A Family Private is available to have additional children, however there must be an adult present for each additional child. 
  • 6 packs – One instructor can take two children - one on either side

 Ages 7 and 8   

7&8 Year-Old Pictures 

Class Ratios:       Whistler Kids 6:1      Private Ski 6:1      Private Snowboard 4:1 

Children will ride in pairs only when riding without an employee 

  • Maintain two seats distance between children when loading without an instructor 
  • The smaller child should load on the lift attendant side  
  • Instructors can take one child with them
  • Groups are permitted to ride the following list of chairlifts together if there is not an available employee to assist, and the instructor deems the children competent to ride together without an employee.  (Always pair the youngest or smallest child with a bigger or older child when possible).  

Whistler Mountain:

Emerald                  Olympic (single space between kids) 

Fitzsimmons            Garbanzo 

Red - (bad weather days, wait for an employee) 

Blackcomb Mountain: 

 Magic (single space between kids)                        

Jersey Cream          Excelerator         Catskinner 

Crystal - (bad weather days, wait for an employee) 

7th Heaven – only in good weather and supervisor's permission. 

  • If they are able to ride other lifts (according to the Safety Manual) not mentioned above, they must ride with an employee.  

Ages 9 and Older  

Kids 9+ Year Old Pictures

Class Ratios:     Whistler Kids 6:1      Privates 6:1 

  • Kids should ride as pairs on chairs and the instructor rides alone or with a single from their group or another SS group, 2 seats apart 

Adult lessons

Adult Pictures 

  • Employee must follow the general lift riding guidelines and SOP’s (maintain 2 seats between unrelated parties) 
  •  On Olympic and Magic chair, if the instructor feels like they need to ride with a guest for safety reasons they need to be separated by one seat. This should only be done in extreme circumstances, for example, if it is the first time a client is riding the lift.    
  • If a Whistler kids instructor needs help uploading their class, it is expected that the adult or private instructor will help the Whistler Kids group, instead of riding with their guests 

T- Bars 

  • Kids can ride together or with an employee  - see the safety manual for ages/abilities
  • Employees cannot ride with other employees 

Gondola Riding  

Blackcomb Gondola: 

Blackcomb Gondola Pictures

            Under age 7:  1 child and 1 employee 

            7 Years and Older: 2 children can ride together, or 1 child and 1 instructor

            Employees can ride with 1 other employee

Village, Excalibur & Creekside Gondola:

Whistler Village, Blackcomb Excaliber and Creekside Gondola Pictures

            7 Years and Older:  2 children can ride together

            Employees must ride alone

  • Children who require assistance may ride kiddy corner to the instructor, to accommodate the child's wellbeing.  
  • Child private lessons; have parent ride with their children 

Peak to Peak:

Peak to Peak Gondola Pictures

  • 4 singles can ride in the same cabin, one in each corner, oone family on one side, and 2 singles on the other 
  • Children 7 & 8 years old on bad weather days should ride with an instructor, Star Rider or an Employee. 

The Snow School Trail Maps:

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Blackcomb Progression: Run List Progression Blackcomb Blackcomb Map: Trail Map Blackcomb 2020