Class Management

Class Management

As an instructor, your first concern is the safety of your group. Class control will allow you to accomplish more in the time allotted and will inspire confidence among your students.

  • Tell the class what is happening next so they are well informed.
    • What lift are you going to?
    • What run are you taking to get there?
    • What is the focus along the way?
  • Count heads frequently, especially at intersections. Know where your students are at all times.
  • To hold the full attention of your group:
    • Avoid positioning your class so they are facing a distraction.
    • Speak up; fluctuate your voice to emphasize key points.
    • Be simple with instructions.
    • Make eye contact and use students’ names.
  • When stopped, don’t let the class mill around in harm’s way. Organize them immediately.
  • Avoid stopping under chair lifts, below knolls, on narrow trails, or too close to snowmaking equipment.
  • Refer to the Snow School Safety Manual whenever you are unsure what the policies are regarding teaching children. There are specific terrain & lift guidelines by age group. It is your responsibility to know them.

Separated Students

At the start of your lesson students should be told where to meet if they get lost:

  • If an adult is separated from your class, call or check in at the nearest Ski & Snowboard School Desk.  Let the sales staff know where you will be skiing with the rest of the group and how soon you will come back. If you have a cell phone, leave the number with the desk.
  • If a child is separated from your class, refer immediately to your Snow School Safety Manual for the protocol.
  • Call in after each run for updates on the lost person.

Always follow up with your supervisor, and in the case where a guest did not receive suitable lesson time, your supervisor will inform the Ski & Snowboard School Sales Desk.

If you find an adult separated from another class, inform the Alpine Ski & Snowboard Desk as soon as possible.

If you find a child from another class, keep them with you. Call the Whistler Kids Emergency
Line immediately which can be reached from any mountain phone. (604 905-2234) Follow the instruction given to you by the Emergency Line attendant.