Accidents During Lessons

It is your responsibility to provide a proper duty of care for each of your students and do everything possible to avoid injury.  In the case that someone is injured in your lesson, you are to follow the procedures outlined in your Snow School Safety Manual (found on the side tab).  The manual should be in your uniform at all times so that you have it in case of emergency.

If an accident should occur in one of your classes:

  1. Remain calm.
  2. Mark the accident site with crossed skis or snowboard placed well above the site to alert oncoming skiers and prevent further injury.
  3. Ensure the rest of your class is out of harm’s way.
  4. Contact Patrol and stay at the scene. Try to keep the student warm while you wait for Patrol. Never remove boots!
  5. Make notes regarding the accident. These will come in handy for your report later, and should include: time, location, snow condition, how it happened, etc...
  6. Ask witnesses and members of your class for contact details.
  7. Your class should resume once Patrol dismisses you.
  8. At the end of the day an accident report must be completed with your supervisor. Keep statements factual (these forms are used in legal proceedings).

There may be in instance when you are witness to, or involved in an accident with company property, or a person not in your class. Please follow these general guidelines:

  1. The incident must be reported to management and a CPSSA form (available from your supervisor) completed before leaving the area.
  2. No employee who is involved in (or bears witness to) an accident shall issue a statement to news media or to anyone unless they are authorized to do so by the management; casual discussions in public places are also to be avoided.
  3. In the case of accidents, do not suggest or imply that the company’s insurance will look after the injured party. Absolutely no comment on the company’s liability in the case of an accident is to be make by anyone except a designated management spokesperson.

First Aid/Ski Patrol Locations:


  • Alpine Service Building, Top of Peak chair, top of Harmony Chair (manned at all times chairs are operating).
  • Phone Number: 604-935-5555


  • Blackcomb Administration Building, Mountain Top, & Horstman Hut.
  • Phone Number: 604-935-5555