Safety Topic #13 Improving Safety Culture


1. Uniform on = Switch on. Be focused on every task; listen to your inner safety voice.
2. Be aware of snow and weather conditions. Plan clothing and terrain choices appropriately. Adjust line and speed as conditions change. 3. Warm up and cool down on easy terrain. 
4. While at work, ski/ride at 80% of your ability and demonstrate at the level of your students. 
5. Lift or carry students with proper technique and only when absolutely necessary. 
6. Be collision conscious. Stop safely and warn students when you are stopping. Use ‘Behind and Below’. 
7. Eat well, hydrate, sleep and stay fit. 
8. Keep equipment well maintained. 
9. Ski smart. Skiing backwards is only for teaching switch or helping students in beginner learning areas. No side hits in slow zones. One ski skiing only as an exercise for beginners in beginner areas only. 
10. Look out for your fellow staff. Help them stay safe by pointing out any unsafe behaviors or hazards. 

Safety for our staff and guests is a number one priority.  We expect all staff to abide by all safety and mountain procedures which can be found in the side tabs and also in our company Employee Guide . 

In addition all instructors must follow the rules and guidelines of the Snow School Safety Manual. This Manual contains the lift and terrain guidelines for all levels of lessons.  These rules apply to ALL lessons (group or private).  All staff are required to follow the information within:  Not knowing the information in this manual is not an excuse.  A copy of this manual is to be carried in your uniform pocket at all times. Please see your supervisor if you do not have one.

2020-21 Safety Manual

If you are unsure of any safety protocol, please ask a supervisor.

Check out the following videos to help you stay safe!

For Equipment Check information, please click on the side tab.