Contact List

 2019-2020 SNOW SCHOOL
Supervisor and Manager Email List




John Brown

Manager, Adult Groups Multi-day Programs

Andrew DeBoer

Supervisor, Adult Group Lessons, Blackcomb Base

Nicole Windsor

Supervisor Ski, Adult Group Lessons, Whistler Base

Marc Emerson

Supervisor Snowboard, Adult Group Lessons, Whistler Base

Michaela Patton

Supervisor Ski, Adult Group Lessons, Whistler Base

Paul Sauvé

Supervisor, Whistler Alpine Adult Programs

Nadio Hachey

Manager, Adult Groups Daily Programs

Nick Thomas

Supervisor, The CAMP

Wade Sutton

Supervisor, CSIA & Instructor Training (GAP) Programs

Susan Perry

Supervisor, Whistler Adaptive Ski and Snowboard Pro- gram

John Bradbury

Supervisor, Blackcomb Alpine Adult Programs

Terry Phillips

Supervisor Extremely Canadian

Christine Cuthbert

Supervisor - Corporates, Women’s Camp, Fire & Ice




Hanneke Snijder

Privates Manager

Mat Beliveau

Whistler Privates Supervisor

Amy McCarthy

Whistler Privates Supervisor

Justin Hartwell

Blackcomb Privates Manager

Natalie Morel Wood

Blackcomb Privates Supervisor

Chris Momy

Blackcomb Privates Supervisor




Lesley Castles

Administrative Assistant, Whistler Kids & Ride Tribe

Allison Brooks

Supervisor, Teddy Bear Daycare

Andrea Howes

Supervisor, Whistler Kids Daycares (Daily)

Anna Boyd

Blackcomb Base Manager

Laura Cofell

Blackcomb Base Assistant Manager

Patrick Tarswell

Blackcomb Adventure Camp Supervisor

Craig Gorst

ETC Supervisor

Julia Smith

Blackcomb Minis VKP Supervisor

Steph Burns

Blackcomb Daily Ski 5 -12 Supervisor

Robin Greig

Blackcomb Minis Club Supervisor

Maddy Haak

Blackcomb Support Leadhand

Paul Shimizu

Snow School Manager

Nicky Boling

Snow School Supervisor

Andrea Kennedy

Snow School Supervisor

Paul van den Berg

Snow School Supervisor

Brenda Peterson

Snow School Manager

Stephen Greig

Snow School Assistant Manager

Andy Spud Ruddock

Snow School Supervisor

Sophie Harrison

Snow School – Village Minis Kinder and Club Supervisor

Leila Phillipson

Snow School Supervisor – Whistler Teens

Adrian “AJ” Quick

Snow School

Lucie Bishop

Snow School


Lauren Hetherington


Snow School

Chloe Gaffey

Snow School Village Kids Snowboard Supervisor

Courtney Pyle

Snow School Village Club and Whistler Teens

Rebecca Seiler

Snow School Support Supervisor

Peter Konczarek

Whistler Kids Creekside Manager

Laura Baney

Whistler Kids Creekside AC/Dailies

Omer Dagan

Whistler Kids Athlete Development Supervisor

Sarah Harrison

Whistler Kids Creekside Club/Kinder Supervisor

Dan Libman

Whistler Kids Creekside VKP and Minis AC Supervisor

Loren Entwistle

Whistler Kids Creekside Minis Club/Minis Daily Supervi- sor

Kendall Mcandrew

Whistler Kids Club Admin Assistant

Kody Hamilton

Whistler Kids Support Supervisor




Tracey Fraser

Snow School Training Manager

Tom Francis

Snow School Training Supervisor

Francois Roy Hebert

Snow School Training Supervisor