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Winter - Snow School General Managers

It is a huge honor to be part of one of the best and not to mention largest Snow Schools in North America. Our staff, (over 1500), come from all over the world to share their passion on 8171 acres of mountain terrain.

Together we speak over 25 languages and possess the ability to teach young and old, fast and slow, as well as our favourite, steep and deep lessons. We pride ourselves on the wonderful friendships that we build with both our guests and colleagues.

The world-renowned training program at our Snow School speaks volume to the dedication we have to staff improvement, which in the end translates into unparalleled quality in the lessons we provide. Our people are ‘THE PRODUCT’! It is our goal to provide you with the greatest working environment possible and thanks to your continued feedback (EOS) and support we are working on making WhistlerBlackcomb and the Snow School the best place to work and play.

We hope that, first and foremost, you have a safe winter with us this year. Follow the rules and use good judgment when working and playing on the mountain. We can’t stress enough how important your well-being is to us!!!

Time goes by so very fast... Looking back at the years we have spent with the school and the amazing memories we have created, only strengthens our belief that ‘doing something you love’ is the best way to spend your life.

We wish you a very successful season, we hope that you create your own incredible memories at WhistlerBlackcomb, and who knows… maybe find the time hook up with us for a run or two…

Take care,

Russ, Donna, Bart & Pierre